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Tube TV by HoliznaPATREON

Album Description

Producer: Holizna
Engineer: Holizna
This album consists of lofi hiphop beats like you'd find on youtube, but done with mostly ChipTune/8Bit videogame sounds! This song, and the rest of the album "Never Forget," are available to my Patreon Subscribers :) otherwise this is not for commercial/derivative uses like videos or podcasts. Please consider subscribing and getting access to over 200 royalty free songs you can use in your projects. Your support helps me continue to upload music on my other pages, like Holiznacc0, where I give the music away as public domain completely for free to content creators on a budget :) :)
href="">Holizna/Patreon Check out my other page for free music you can use without restriction HoliznaCC0 ALSO you can purchase this track/this album on BandCamp with permission to use commercially. there you will find the entire library of music I have uploaded to Patreon. its a much better deal to get access to the whole thing for 5 bucks a month tho... just saying :) :) BandCamp/Holizna Royalty Free