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Thoughts Growing Mold by HoliznaCC0

Album Description

Producer: Holizna
Engineer: Holizna
I made these beats by creating one shots from cut up public domain songs. The limitations made for an interesting project for me. This music is CC0 use how you want! :) I'll be uploading the samples at some point this month with a link to download the stems and the one shots i made. also made all my own original drum sounds too, so that will be included. if you are enjoying the music, or finding use for it, consider buying me a coffee :) Buy Me A Coffee? you can also support by subbing to my patreon.
Patron will have access to my library of royalty free music. So far i have like 220 songs on there, and just uploaded a few new albums this month :) Holizna/Patreon


Thoughts Growing Mold by HoliznaCC0 is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.
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