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LOCATION:Bezhetsk, Russia
  It all began a long time ago – in 1996 – when a young kid got his grandmother’s half-broken guitar down from the attic. He learned a couple of chords, and after that everything started coming together, all on its own…  "First of all I played around with some amateur software. I put together some laughable arrangements, just so I could show my friends. There was an electric guitar, a bass, some drums, and then I added a synth. My enthusiasm gathered speed – and then the whole thing snowballed. I started defining my own musical style, even though its
origins were definitely in other people’s works – stuff by my favorite artists. I combined live instruments with fat-sounding loops, then the synths – all kinds of morphed styles. I’d use lots of upredictable transitions in the music, too: I’d shift from the sounds of some studio-bound electro group to the roar of SOR… all kinds of silliness!" When all’s said and done, everything merges as a full-blooded orchestra. It comes together as a single project, called "et_". via et_ via Far From Moscow

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01. et_ - Children 00:03:34
02. et_ - Kopeika 00:06:41
04. et_ - Domino 00:04:32
05. et_ - Chain splendour 2 00:04:40
06. et_ - 1967 00:03:48
08. et_ - Kino 00:04:07
09. et_ - Tarmac 00:03:49
10. et_ - Train's gone 00:02:53
11. et_ - 11 00:06:26