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cTrix began writing chipmusic on a Commodore 64. In 1991 he shifted to the Amiga with it’s mind-boggling 4 channels of digital 8bit sound and 512k ram. Armed with 10 seconds of sample memory he explored a world of house music, power funk and ’90s rave through collecting disks of samples from computer swap meets and bulletin boards. After a 10 year break from the Amiga, cTrix went back to see what he could produce in his “older age” and with a 20 year backlog of tracks, hasn’t looked back since.  He has since picked up a Gameboy and Atari 2600 to add to his lively performances.  Expect phat ‘n’ funky beats, early ’90s vocal house, glitched out jungle drum’n’bass and synth pop all vs. chip mayhem.

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