Around Hearts' Corners

Bus Window

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Released 10/19/2022
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This song was written either right before or in the year 2010.




Here once again
Waiting for the train
I look down the tracks
To where they meet the sky

I know these words I have to say
But I won't say goodbye

Please don't ever let me fall from inside your heart
Don't let my name fail to spring from every word you start
Don't walk through a crowd 'thout looking once again
Hoping you had seen me standing there

Raise your eyes at every knock and jump up for the door
Let disappointment always greet another
"Nevermind," you shall respond to voices not my own
Keep me 'round the corner of your heart

Here once again
Waiting for the train
I look down tracks again
To where we'll meet in the sky

I know the words you'd want to hear
And they sure won't be goodbye

I have never let you fall from inside my heart
I have saved you every portion, every piece and part
I've told everyone they'll have to wait for you
As long as I am waiting they will all wait too

Do not be surprised when you have arrived
If everyone you've ever known is there

Asking you to explain why I'm waiting by this train
Why everywhere I go you're always near

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