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 Zero V (3 Albums, 22 Tracks)


LOCATION:Dronten, Netherlands
via — Zero V (real name Henk van der Duim, @henkvanderduim) started his musical journey by early exposure to jazz, dixieland and schlagermusik by his parents and their huge collection of vinyl and cassettes. After he started his musical training at the age of 9, he picked up the guitar shortly afterwards. During this classical guitar training he developed his own feel for sound and timing.   Midst 80′s, Mr. DeVo! and Zero V founded S.N.E.E.K. They managed to release three cassettes and two short films (the Film and What is a chick without lipstick?). After they gradually lost interest,
he embarked on a new adventure called Boy In Trouble, which was a collaborative project, open to ideas and/or work with other artists. Boy In Trouble released 2 CD’s in the 90′s and they had some kind of reunion for a one off gig on December 23rd, 2005. This gig was broadcasted live on the Internet and has been released as Atmospherics Live 2005. His production rig grew along with his knowlegde and technique (hopefully…), as working with Mr. DeVo! and other musicians had brought new light to ideas and methods to record and produce in various ways in order to make the equipment work for him instead him working for the equipment (makes any sense?). After a short sidestep in the Notorious Twins project, an acid-based project – which isn’t exactly his ballgame, although revived again in 2010. He started writing, producing and remixing for others (radio & TV commercials, dance mixes, etc.). After a few years the urge (or itch…) to record his own music again got stronger and stronger and thus ‘Leaves of Grass‘ was released. In the end not quite happy with the music and production, but it helped him exploring new directions in his music and methods. During spring 2005 he set aside a few months to write and record the album Songs of Parting. The compositions were crafted from improvisational sessions in his homestudio. An entirely new direction in music. While recording for the Songs of Parting album, he also created some darker songs, which resulted in the birth of 7 Bandits. Now his time is being devided between his solo work, 7 Bandits and other projects. Mr. DeVo! and Zero V also worked 2gether again in a collaborative project, called Kafka’s Penal Colony. Early 2006 he published a book called; Ideas as Opiates. A collection of his lyrics and poems, which he has written over the years. In June 2006 he remixed a song by the Infadels called Love Like Semtex. Early 2005 Ekim, Mr. DeVo! and Zero V founded ON-Mix Media, with the offspring ON-Mix Music andHollandsche Kost two entirely digital labels. A label for artists by artists! Release list [onmp129] Fluidity [onmp071] Travelling (A Collection) [onmp065] L.A. Riot [onmp060] Nameless [onmp046] The Hard Changing of the Seasons [onmp039] Agree to Disagree [an index of possibilities] [onmp032] Sequenced Synthesis [onmp024] Songs of Parting  



Agree to Disagree [an index of possibilities]
01. Zero V - Notch 00:11:47
02. Zero V - Initiation 00:02:21
03. Zero V - Hiss 00:06:57
05. Zero V - Heaven 00:12:48
06. Zero V - Twinkling 00:05:35
07. Zero V - Friendship 00:03:55
08. Zero V - Wonders 00:04:36
09. Zero V - Anxiety 00:05:42


Travelling (A Collection)
01. Zero V - Concrete 00:03:04
04. Zero V - Nodal Points 00:05:42
05. Zero V - Twinkling 00:05:35
06. Zero V - Aqaurian 00:05:01
08. Zero V - Indian Summer 00:04:53
09. Zero V - Heaven 00:12:48
10. Zero V - Tizzmania 00:06:53
11. Zero V - Phoenix 00:04:04
13. Zero V - Bell Zouki 00:04:34


Freaky and Funky
01. Zero V - Don't Rush 00:03:56