Zack Kouns

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"Zack Kouns -- Birds in flight, the human voice, tenor and alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, temple blocks, chinese opera gong, tape manipulation, violin, banjo, sensing man's terrible seperation from himself, reel to reel tape recorder, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, accordion, whirly, piers as empty as arms, congas, synthesizers, tunnels, electronics, bass, roto toms, timbales, duck call, slide whistle, ukelele, zither, theremin, turtle from a junk shop in Missouri, night time, balalaika, native american flute, kalimba, Fassbinder german, bamboo xylophone, organ, chanter, whispers, knives, silence and space, tremolo harmonica, agogo, elephant bells, drills, translucent recorder, thunder tube, flute, family documents, painful passages, drum kit, thin purplish scar, fire bells, hubcaps, bodies of water, cello, sitar, shruti, electronic bagpipes, melodica, bandoneon, harp, silence, chant."