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Yuri Yaremtchuk

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Released May 17, 2009
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(For prepered piano, Bb clarinet, tenor sax and percussions)Yaremchuk Yuriy Grigorevich was born in 1951 in Novokuznetsk (Russia). Today he resides in Lviv, Ukraine.In 1978 he completed the Saxophone Class at Jazz Performance Department at Rostov Institute of Art. He performed in Kim Nazaretov’s big band as an instrumentalist.Yaremchuk is both a composer and an instrumentalist; he plays tenor-sax, soprano-sax, clarinet, percussion, piano; he is a master of voice performance as well. He is working in different genres (free jazz, contemporary music, improvised music), contemporary technique of sax play (multiphone, slap, double staccato). He can be recognized by his bright sound and brisk technique; in his solo concerts he prefers free improvisation with the use of contemporary playing technique.His music has sufficient rhythm and melody; it is full of humor and philosophy. Yuriy Yaremchuk wrote music for theater, participated in numerous avant-garde performances with artists, actors and modern dancers.In different projects he performed together with a number of famous jazz musicians: Claudia Binder and Marcus Eichenberger (Switzerland); Jim Menesis, Ray Andersen, Fred Frith, William Parker, Hamid Drake and Rob Brown (USA); Klaus Kugel, Heinz-Erich Godecke and Hans Shutler, Alex Nowic, Vladimir Chekasin, Arkadij Shilkloper (Germany); Vladimir Miller (GB); Dror Feiler (Sweden); Tatashi Endo (dancer, Japan); Sainho Namchilak (Irland); Ezas Mikashys and Vladimir Tarasov (Lithuania); Vyacheslav Nazarov, German Lukyanov, Vladimir Volkov, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Andrei Razin, Sergey Letov, Vladimir Makarov, Mikhail Zhukov (Russia); Alexander Nesterov (Ukraine); Ken Wandermark and Tim Daysi (USA) and many others.A participant of numerous jazz festivals, happenings, events, fests of new improvised music.Contact:

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