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 Volfoniq (7 Albums, 41 Tracks)


  • Nicolas Sorbier
Founded in 2004, Volfoniq is a "one-man-dub" from the south of France (Montpellier). In a retro-futuristic mood, he uses his classical formation (clarinet) and a rich musical history to produce a dub that goes farther than tags, respecting the jamaican roots, but adventuring into new lands of experimentation. Sometimes digital, sometimes roots, clearly electro or acoustic, reggae, ragga, ska, with slices of tango or triphop riddim, the generosity of Volfoniq's music equals its humility. Encounters and sharing are at the center of Volfoniq's approach, that led him to collaborate with numerous artists from different kinds and places : Disrupt (Jahtari
– Germany), Bo Marley (Jahtari – Denmark), Dr Dub (LCL - Nederlands), Azzurro (Loud & proud – Japan), Hyqo (Japan), Kou Chou Ching (Taiwan), Ras Amerlock (Jahtari – USA), Arrogalla (Nootempo/LCL – Sardinia), Sardinia Bass Legalize (A Quiet Bump – Sardinia), Hotdrop (La famille – Spain), Peak & Jambassa (A Quiet Bump – Italy), Morpho (A Quiet Bump – France)...Recognized for his producer and remixer skills, Volfoniq stepped over numerous stages since his birth in France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Norway, Italy, Greece ...

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