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Producer: Vladislav Makarov
The new album Vladislav Makarov "Multiplying Real - Multicello", (c) makART rec.038 & ca216 - Makarov is a pioneer free improvised music in Russia, the known cellist-experimentalist, this is a solo work, but not quite usual. 20 short pieces recorded with using the usual analog delay, but with mass author's preparations such as the objects in strings, wooden, bamboo and plastic sticks, combs, straightedges of the miscellaneous format, as well as makarov's branded receiving playing on cello as on guitar, referring us from hard-rock to technic great english musician Derek Bailey. The album as a whole carries the experimental character,
but many acceptances Makarov used repeatedly above-ground performances. All the pieces have a different invoice and expression, but collected in conceptual album, subordinated powerful direction of the author. Many the tracks can cause the shock and perplexity, but the electric cello here sounds as whole orchestra in spirit of avantgarde composer Xenakis or Stokhausen. Stylistic and genre of the work it is difficult to define, it obviously much broader notorious free improvisation, but is an colours by the palette all radical styles our time from freejazz, avant-rock up to noise and drone...



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