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Vim!, aka Keith Baylis, is an English .MOD composer, who, despite arriving relatively late on the Amiga 'demo-scene' compared to many, has left an indelible, slightly smudged mark on it, particularly with regard to his melodically obtuse, skilfully produced chiptunes, which later shifted down noisier, more random .XM paths, and
have garnered a major cult following. Starting in around 1992, and originally named kbx128 and kb-zip, Vim! has never been strongly associated with particular demo-groups, though he was a member of Tesko, Eltech, and others. However, he contributed to a plethora of chip-music packs, including the seminal 'Emissions' chipdiscs, and is particularly known for his association with Amiga .MOD group and now netlabel Mono/Monotonik, for which he continues to release .MP3s - he also has a discography that includes releases and remixes for labels including Surgery, Merck, and Carpark Records.