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A Random Collection Of Consonants by Vim

Album Description


We've now been releasing tracks from UK electronic wunderkid Vim! for, well, seven and a half years, on both .MOD and this 'new-fangled' .MP3. That's quite a long time, certainly by netlabel standards. And since we started up, he's released albums on Surgery Records, remixes on Merck and Carpark, and a host of EPs on Monotonik. So, we're now delighted to be able to present an MP3 version of his recent, _extremely_ smart, _extremely_ limited edition CDR, 'A Random Collection Of Consonants', on Monotonik.

So, those who have the original, CD-quality, uhh, CD, count yourselves lucky (there still may be a few copies left at if you want the physical artifact itself), but otherwise, cruise with us through 16 tracks of gorgeously skewed beats, continually unexpected melodies, and a wonderfully obtuse take on life.

Therefore, whether it's the title track blasting out wonky scattershot percussion, 'Merton Court Mash-Up' cunningly folding jungle and yummy arpegiation, 'A Tune Of Sorts' absolutely jammin' the chiptune vs breaks angle, and the crazy mush of 'Signing On Makes My Fortnight' turning up the bleep bass to the full. If Vim! is insistent on remaining an obscure genius, perhaps you guys could at least spread the word a little? Wethangyou.



A Random Collection Of Consonants

A Random Collection Of Consonants by Vim is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.
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01 on 08/12/16 at 01:35AM
id love to use this for a youtube channel I'm making! I'm a student with far too much spare time you - but your track 'surprising upbeat about it' is perfect!
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