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Calling All Fiends by Various Artists [Oddio Overplay]

Album Description

Sculpture by Zach Lihatsh. Cover by Katya Oddio
Recorded:October 25th, 2010

"Halloween is meant to be scary, right? Year after year we dust off the old novelty records. While those oldies are fun, they not at all frightening. Oddio Overplay put the challenge to musical artists the world over to create Halloween music that is 'frightening, damaging and disturbing.' No 'Monster Mash,' instead creepy soundtracks to a fiendish Halloween. They succeeded with CALLING ALL FIENDS! Some of these pieces will creep you right out of your skin.

"Everyone involved in this project hopes you have a thrill ride with this music and A Scary and Very Happy Halloween!"

source: original release notes on Oddio Overplay

[Tracks 5, 19, and 23 are copyright protected and only available on the original website.]


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happypuppyrecords on 10/08/10 at 11:43PM
yay! I was wondering when this would get on FMA - just in time for halloween!
bartart3d on 10/23/12 at 05:24PM
Already enjoying this first on the 52 Horror Releases list...
Too little time in one day to hear them all, luckily, hopefully there will be a tomorrow.. . and a day after... lol
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