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Matt Love (bass, guitar, vocals), Leo B (keyboards, samples, vocals) met while working as waiters in a Brazilian Steakhouse in our nations capital. Over time they discovered that they had a remarkable number of things in common - they were all supporting members in bands where they were supporting talented
and charismatic, but stubbornly indepentent leaders. Their creative lives were charactorized by periods of frenetic creative activity, and stetches of inactivity. They found it ironic in the extreme that they were working as waiters until they could become rawk stars - but they were waiters in their creative lives as well. Over a steaming platter of steaks they were serving to a congressional delegation, they decided to form their own band, and use it as a vehicle to display their unique talents. They named themselves the Waiters so that they would never forget why they formed this band. On this particular project, Baron Eddie Van Frankenstein guests on monster guitar.source: mySpace profile


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