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Evergreens 'n Odditunes by Various Artists [Evergreens n Odditunes]

Album Description

Released:October 29th, 2010

unusual is the new usual!

many of the tracks on this compilation were collected via myspace from the artists directly to create a second part of the pathbreaking "thanks for the add!" compilation we released in 2007.

unfortunately this vol.2-compilation project has never been finished nor released, just as other creative projects on the headphonica-netlabel, too.

nevermind. here it is.

at a time when myspace is shifting from being a platform for musicians presenting their works to a platform of multimedia-nonsense we'd like to say "thanks for the add, myspace!"

additionally you'll find a few tracks here that'll appear on albums on headphonica in the next months: enjoy!


what might seem weird here is that this album obviously has a kind of "wrong" numbering / track order.

in fact this compilation contains of 3 parts.

if you'd like to listen to the tracks in the intended order download them from here: where you'll also get the full artwork [!]

otherwise you're free to mix them up here in a new way.




Evergreens 'n Odditunes
103. Gosprom - San Francisco (03:21)
104. Chocolabor - Alchemistika (02:38)
117. Seem Art Ensemble - Lundi (02:33)
118. Kunstlusk - Untitled (01:55)
119. Dinty Slop - Honey Flow (04:51)
204. Antti Tolvi - Laaksomies (03:16)
205. Mu. - Bistec Asesino (02:22)
209. walha! - Brittle (03:48)
211. TSEG - After Chimio (02:29)
212. Soulfool - Streuobstwiese (03:12)
216. Lezet - Kvarijes (00:53)
255. L'egojazz - Neo Sealand (06:20)
255. Seed - Doe (01:02)
255. Mini Roc - No One Adds Ed (03:01)
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katya-oddio on 10/25/10 at 07:26PM
Where did the first track go? Something like "Sing a song with no words". Was it moved to another album on the FMA? Really liked that one.
headphonica on 10/26/10 at 12:27PM
oh, sorry. this album is actually an experimental way to be released. the task is to put up a few songs every day while simultaneously deleting others... sounds weird? yes. however, all tracks will be online here when this project is finished (expect thursday or friday tis week)
katya-oddio on 10/27/10 at 06:02PM
Cool! Enjoying it, and a big fan of Headphonica. Thanks!
ofir klemperer on 04/15/12 at 02:27PM
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