Light Echoes

Light Echoes is a musical project by Moroni Sanchez with some assistance from Ian Griffith.Sanchez explains the project name in…

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Eating A Dead Planet 2009 - Album
"Using recently discovered faint light echoes, astronomers have divined when three known supernovas occurred. The visible echoes are described as…



Mirche Apr 14, 2010

Great job, Sanchez!

Fjordin Jul 23, 2009

A Swedish man in my office just gave a me a sugar plum, I've never had one before. Its pretty damn good, just like you Light Echoes.

Erin Jul 21, 2009

Tommy played "Eating a Dead Planet" for me and some friends on a long ride to Buffalo. We listened to it many times, and he left the cd with a friend in Buffalo where it will undoubtedly be passed on...

tommy Jul 16, 2009

"Cold Soup"!!! Wow.