Kill Myself

U Can Unlearn Guitar

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Released 05/07/2009
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I learned how to play the guitar via short little lessons from my musician friends in New York City.  One of these friends, Dean Rispler, was and is an amazingly great guy, who I was fortunate enough to meet. 
About a year after buying a guitar, and playing regularly, I went over to Dean's place and played him a few songs.  He was like, "Andy, last year you couldn't even play guitar, and now you have all these awesome songs!  What gives?"
By this time, he was playing bass for The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, and producing albums for many an underground punk and rock band.  He later played for Murphy's law, and has had a number of great bands including Tiger Mountain, The Salesmen, and most recently... I'm not sure but I'm sure it's awesome.
Anyways, he got the drummer from Stanely on board and we recorded an awesome Demo.  I will post those other songs in the singles section.
He's a great producer, with a great ear (if a guitar is out of tune, he goes nuts) and a real genuine love of music, which I rarely find.  The engineer's name was joe.

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