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Peakin' With Control by Toxic Lipstick

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Cover Art
Toxic Lipstick are 2 14 yr old hotties dropping the bass and breaking hearts in sunny Brisbane, Australia. With shining eyes and glossy coats these teen skanks aren`t afraid to throw lips to the shit that really matters ponies, boys, puberty, shafting acid and hosting exclusive popcorn sleepovers. A triple
combo of dope beats, dope rhymes and dope rax with xtra fries, Toxic Lipstick are Australia`s most bitchin whorecore duo eva. They will shit in yr mouth, spew in yr undies and give yr pony the finest grooming she`s eva had. After selling panadol to ravers to fund their first album `When the Dove`s Cry` the girls are at it again this time unleashing their difficult second album. Ultimately this new opus in pre-teenism shows that 'Doves? their first offering was merely spotting compared to the heavy menstrual flow on the new album 'Prisoner of hormones?



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