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 Thee Oh Sees (6 Albums, 23 Tracks)


Thee Oh Sees are suitable for foreign tourists only
LOCATION:San Francisco, CA
  • John Dwyer - vocals, guitar
  • Brigid Dawson - vocals
  • Petey Dammit - guitar
  • Mike Shoun - drums
  • OCS
John Dwyer's wildly meandering but consistently awesome musical output can be traced back to Providence, RI, where he played short bursts of spastic noise-rock as one half of Pink & Brown. The the late 90s, Dwyer moved out to San Francisco and founded noisey garage rock outfit the Coachwhips (and
also did some time in The Hospitals). Next came OCS, which started out as some sort of back-porch acoustic vs. noise project with assorted collaborators, but has blossomed into one of the greatest bands around. Thee Oh Sees (if that is their real name) are John Dwyer joined by Brigid Dawson, Petey Dammit, and Mike Shoun. In between high profile releases on Narnack and Tomlab, Thee Oh Sees released some lower-profile but still excellent releases, like the Peanut Butter Oven 12'' EP. It's not entirely clear what happened to the 300 or so physical copies of this 12''. It was released on Chris Johanson's Awesome Vistas label (the same label that originally released Sic Alps' Description of the Harbor). I think it's officially sold-out, but you can try asking Thee band at one of their shows. In the meantime, taste this digital peanut butter (warning, it's a bit Skippy...we're workin to fix that). (-via Jason Sigal at WFMU's Beware of the Blog) In January 2013, the band announced their newest album, Floating Coffin, would be released on April 16. (photo by Brian Lee Hughes, Some Rights Reserved)