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Black Rainbow by The Upsidedown

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For the eighth time, we're still extremely proud to present our new sampler. The making of this compilation, with the aim to share it for free, appeared to be more meaningful than ever. When the old established music industry is desperately trying to prevent its empire from collapsing, blaming the wrong people for its decline, releasing free music is more than a friendly giveaway, it's a deliberate ethical move. Here's our choice: we either let the masses consider music as any industrial goods, or we try to remember there is more in art & music and see beyond copyrights and
profit. Music is about sharing feelings, emotions, decibels. And this should remain priceless. Does this mean music makers should not fulfill their piggybanks ? Of course not, but it's time we all create a new economical system working rather for the best interest of musicians than for industrial holdings'. Our music is meant to be shared, so please spread this record. Make copies of it, and give them away. We will also post it onto various websites, soon-to-sue file sharing portals, and onto non-profit free music, such as or This year's track providers include USELESS KEYS (Los Angeles, California), SWEET JANE (Dublin, Ireland), THE CHEMISTRY SET (London, England), VIETNAM COWBOY (Las vegas, Nevada, w/ Bobby from THE PANDAS), ANDREW GLEASON (Los Angeles, California, formerly known as THE TEMPORARY THING), DAN ALFRESCO (Perpignan, France, formerly known as ROOM 4 or THE WHIFFS), THE STEVENSON RANCH DAVIDIANS (Los Angeles, California), LOWER HEAVEN (Silverlake, California), PAUL DILLON (New York, from SILVER ROCKETS), THE LEFT OUTSIDES (London, England), SEBASTIEN DUCLOS (Strasbourg, France, formerly known as FUCK BUDDIES). Most of these artists' records are or will be available from our mail-order. Visit for latest release news, shopping, MP3s and feedback. Kill the record industry, save the music. Dead Bees.



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