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Implantation of cranial styli by The Decapitated Hed

Album Description

Decapitated Hed - "Subversive club processes" : front cover
Decapitated Hed - "Subversive club processes" : front cover
"Five essential cuts of snarling, mechanised low-range bass-pulsations that instantly transform the dancefloor into a warzone; you’ve rarely heard such naked, brooding hostility pouring off th’ grooves of an innocent disco-biscuit. Leaving no room for its victims to breath, this self-assured little monster sets about the grisly task of nibbling away your ligaments and tendons with its sharp little rodent teeth. Note cover art, printed on flimsy brown paper, which suggests by overprinted lines the pseudo-scientific processes that will be used to carve up our collective anatomy and implant such unwanted devices as ‘Cranial Styli’ and ‘Glowstick Fluid’ into our
bio-systems." Review from Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector. Edition of 500 packaged in screen-printed kraft paper sleeves. Locked groove at end of A2.