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It's You by The Carmines

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Stemming from the beaches of Southern California and drawing on the influences of 50's and 60's Rock and Roll, the Carmines are truly An American Band. The band can be described as loud, fast, and simple, with most songs coming in under the two-minute mark. The Carmines play short, precise, guitar-driven songs with an abundance of melody and over-laden with vocal harmonies. Both their music and lyrics draw on the unique blend of several musical styles; combining aspects of surf, rock and roll, pop, and punk, together to produce catchy sing-along tunes that are pleasing to all listeners. The Carmines
literally wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not afraid to show it. Their self-proclaimed motto to play by is: ALL DOWNSTROKES-ALL THE TIME! Accept no imitations; the Carmines are the real deal! "The Carmines are like a long lost SoCal surf band circa '65 magically transported to 2010. The songs on here seem like outtakes from a Danzig session produced by Brian Wilson. To me it's what great surf punk is all about-having fun. They sing about stuff I can relate to: Surf's Up-She Forgot My Name-Nothin' On The Radio\\.you gotta love it on general principles alone! Good stuff for the adoring masses. I can't wait to hear more. The Carmines-Get hip to their trip!" - Joe Queer



04. The Carmines - It's You 00:02:10

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