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 The Bran Flakes (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:Toronto, Canada
We're going to have a great deal of fun! The Bran Flakes combine sound-collage with live instrumentation resulting in a beat oriented blend of exotica, easy listening, children's music and experimentation, often with a humorous effect. They are sonic scavengers, recycling petroleum-based audio storage media, and carefully scouring records and tapes for aural delights. The Bran Flakes believe that every record has at least ONE redeeming quality. They take these quality gems, maybe a snare drum or a man yelling "buttermilk," a bird chirping or a crispy bit of record crackle, and mix them into a very musical type of
sound collage, conjuring up happy memories of your first kiss, the experience of getting a new puppy or the childhood excitement of going to the fair and having cotton candy on a cool autumn day. The Bran Flakes live performances transform into a circus, with audience participation, dancing animals and video collage.