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Bubbles by The Bran Flakes

Album Description


BUBBLES is a fun, free, compilation of previously released & unreleased material by The Bran Flakes created from 1998-2007.

Here is more information about each track from the back cover:

01. Oddio Overplay
"Oddio" (Oddio Overplay, 2004, MP3-Net-Release)

02. Kitty Takes A Ride (Kitty Mix Up)
"Tipsy Remix Party" (Asphodel, 2002, CD)

03. Squishing Sniffy, Artists Busted!
"52 Weeks" (Peppermill Records, 2006, MP3-Net-Release)

04. Turn The Channel, It's Another Commercial
"Commercial Ad Hoc" (Illegal Art, 2000, CD)

05. Blippo The Happy Clown
"Product" (CT Collective, 2002, MP3-Net-Release)

06. Incorrect Music Theme (Remix)
"Incorrect and Proud" (WFMU Marathon Premium, 2002, CDR) Featuring Naomi Hall on vocals.

07. Countdown To The End (Choo Choo Mix)
"End: The Sick Generation" (Hymen, 2005, CD)

08. Once You Understand (Previously Unreleased, 2001)
Live performance, October 24, 2001, "Incorrect Music", Featuring the vocal talents of Michelle Boulé, Irwin Chusid, Mildred and Otis. Music by Wes Paich.

09. Porky Pig
"Porky Pig" (Standard Oil, 2004, CD)
A) Dgg Dgg Dgg Dgg: Unreleased (2001)
B) Can't You Dig The Sunshine: Unreleased (2000)
C) Oil Filters: Excerpt from Live performance on Sonarchy, KEXP, Seattle (2002)
D) The Dangers Of A Chocolate Soda: Unreleased (1998)
E) The Sequence Of Events: Instrumental of "I'm A Little Horse" (2001)
F) Pinata Flea: Live at "I Don't Have A Friend" CD Release Party (2001)

10. St. Anicetus (155-166)
"Il Programma Di Religione" (Boyarm, 2005, CD)

11. Wheel
"I Like To Share" (Happi Tyme, 1998, Cassette)
Live performance on Seattle Public Access Television (1998). Featuring The GRDNR, Bumpy Buckles, Mildred and Otis.

12. Playlist and a Sunbeam (Previously Unreleased, 2007)
Playlist: Voices recorded from various WFMU DJs (2000-2001)
Sunbeam: Featuring the vocal talents of Rachel

13. The Missing Number
"This Is Ovenguard Volume 2" (Ovenguard Music, 1998, CDR)


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