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Eighty Sixty by Tardiss

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Behind the Blind
Behind the Blind
Behind the Blind is eleven tracks of emotive, instrumental, electronica. This album comes highly recommended for fan's of Steve's other band, Rho. The sound of Tardiss combines styles well developed by Boards of Canada and M83's early work. The first track Spinner, perfectly lays out the mood of the album. Fuzzy beats take lead as lovely synth work, plucked guitars, and percussive flares wash over them. Drill Bits is synth heavy romp that would not feel out of place on an early Boards of Canada album. Bicycle is the midway point of the album, featuring scratchy rhythms, strong chords, spacial
guitar work, and spoken voice audio samples. Feathers and the Frail is a cinematic cold walk through abandoned streets. The album closes with Silver Fences, heartfelt end credits to a future metropolis.  



08. Tardiss - Eighty Sixty 00:01:58

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