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1993 by Steve Combs

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The 5th Steve Combs album, "Theme Songs & Atom Bombs"! You may notice that I took a short break, about two and a half months, in between albums 4 and 5. During this time, I remixed every single song I had done up to that point, and then took a hiatus to ruminate about being an independent musician. I wasn't on the FMA at that time, so I found the whole experience of making music that was completely ignored rather demoralizing. Of course, by the end of the summer, I had decided that I had a little bit more to
offer, so I set to work on TSAB. Those are indeed my shoes on the cover. I basically started working on this album atop a sand dune, as a near death experience near Cape Canaveral left me with a new perspective on music. This album is certainly darker than anything before it, and I think anything after it. I definitely took a different approach and incorporated more electronic elements on this record. Personally, I enjoyed the original version of "Quit" the most, but I don't know anything, so take that however you want. This re-release contains 10 of the original 12 tracks, 6 remixes, and 6 non-album tracks. Over the coming months, I'll be re-releasing every one of my albums to celebrate one year of making music. I'll put up these new versions on the Free Music Archive every Monday afternoon through March and April, and they will appear in other places later in the week. The re-releases contain the original tracks, their remixes, and various non-album tracks that I've accumulated over the past year. This project is meant to streamline my discography and create a complete, definitive body of work. I hope you enjoy!



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