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Highly Definitioned (Remix) by Steve Combs

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This is a bittersweet moment. Through this whole re-release process, I've gotten a chance to go back through the music I've made over the past year. When I think about it in the context of the people, events, and emotion that it accompanied, I'm amazed.  I honestly think that music has kept me sane. And I remember the momentary turmoil I went through on March 2nd, 2014, when I decided to do this. I decided to try this whole music thing and see where it went. And for the longest time, it went absolutely nowhere. Until January of this year,
I had roughly 1000 downloads. As of April 6, 2015, I've broken 100,000. This is all because of the Free Music Archive. Without it, I would not be doing any of this, and I would've given up a long time ago. So I'd like to give my sincere thanks to everyone at the FMA, and I'd like to present to you the eight, eponymous, and final Steve Combs album. Thank you. Over the coming months, I've been re-releasing every one of my albums to celebrate one year of making music. I put up these new versions on the Free Music Archive every Monday afternoon through March and April, and they appeared in other places later in the week. The re-releases contain the original tracks, their remixes, and various non-album tracks that I've accumulated over the past year. This project is meant to streamline my discography and create a complete, definitive body of work. I hope you enjoy!



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