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In Our Way by Starving Weirdos

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Land Lines
Land Lines
Amish is pleased to officially announce a new release from Humboldt County’s finest contemporary experimental unit, Starving Weirdos. A couple of years in the making, Land Lines (AMI-044) documents a vital step in the evolution and refinement of Starving Weirdos’ freeform improvisational practices, as well as its infamous and highly disciplined studio practices.  The recording of these sessions was initiated around the time of the 2010 ON LAND festival in San Francisco, when the project’s core nucleus of Brian Pyle and Merrick Mckinlay expanded to include a larger than usual cast of players, including Steve Lazar, Monica Chavez, David Krepinevich
and Amiee Hennessey.  Specific tracks (“Captured” and “Dreams and Lexicon”) debuted at that festival, while other sessions documented on this release feature the long-standing trio of Pyle, Mckinlay and Lazar.  One notable addition to the Starving Weirdos sound is the voice of Aimee Hennessey, who delivers vocal incantations on two tracks (“In Our Way” and “Change in the Lexicon).  Land Lines chronicles Starving Weirdos’ most focused and structured release to date, with pieces that import a distinctly European flavor into the sound of this distinctly Northern California project. 



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