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Candy In A Jar (featuring Kamilsky) by Solar Skeletons

Album Description

The dead sons of the Sun deliver their minimal industrial hypnothic doom blueswaves, dealing with male alcoolism and the relationship with female gender, pressed on heavy 180gr Marble Grey Vinyl and MP3/FLAC.After their total invasion of Mars and Pluto, The Solar Skeletons choosed the center of earth power,Washington DC, to start their crusade in january 2006. They quickly established their HQ in Brussels, to have a panoptical sight on multiple populations, and so they applyed their stage propagandaover this area alongside other preachers such as Parade Ground, Otto Von Schirach, Le Dernier Cri,Koonda Holaa, Bex... Their dressed up, psychedelic and
blasphemous performances area total psychic weapon that leads the audience in absurd apocalyptic visions of armaggedon.Behind this duet are hidden 2 french musicians formely known as TZII and RIPIT. Since over 10 years, these two singular artists played all over the 5 continents, from New yorkto Tokyo, from Paris to Nouakchott, from Sydney to Montreal, taking part in several musical and audio/video projects. This record features also Kamilsky (a.k.a KOONDA HOLAA) and his daughter Schovenka Isabelle.recorded at Silent-Block Studio, Brussels : by Yann Dub at Angstrom Studio, Brussels :http://www.angstrom-mastering.comco-released by :Radon Uropa On Earth http://nightonearth.infoToolbox http://www.toolboxrecords.comAïnu Lentilles de Fond http://www.bruitsdefond.orgBTK



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"all styles are welcome but... fuck" @ 3:44 and you young man you better was your dick 4:01 cuz reobserving of feces 4:06
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