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Ashes of Light part 4 by Sobria Ebrietas

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The first track took about 1m30' to convince me. I would have recommended the album only for that first track alone. But then every single track in this release has managed to move me in a way that not many albums manage to achieve. Albums that are coherent in sound and quality throughout their tracks are a rare breed... There are good chances you will experience the same "WOW!" factor than I did, so by all means go ahead: click on that player icon and let Sobria Ebrietas take you onto a magnificent and intricate journey into his sound landscapes.
All thumbs up! (CodesAndNotes)   These three last years, Sobria Ebrietas has focused on rather abstract and/or disturbing releases under the Eurovision Über Alles pseudonym. Ashes of Light brings back the smoother and more harmonious side of Sobria Ebrietas. At the first encounter, this album is quite an easy listen thanks to catchy melodies, uplifting beats and well chosen samples, but the subtility of compositions and the richness of their details require many listenings to be fully appreciated (eg0cide)



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