Silver Pines

Silver Pines first album, "Forces" is a dripping heavy melieu of watery female vocals, drowsy percussion, and ghostly slide guitars.…

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Live at WFMU on This is the Modern World 7/2/09 2009 - Album
Gorgeous Texas purveyors of extra-terrestrial sound, Silver Pines, will play live on This is the Modern World, July 2, somewhere…


valquire Apr 19, 2012

hi silver pines.. thanks for the music! there is so much good music from texas, you're a star :) xxxx, valquire

naderhasan Feb 09, 2010

Hey silver Pines! This is Nader here, from montreal, we played together when you were up here. we changed the name of our band to No nature(from echoes still singing limbs.) anyways, great to see you out on the FMA....