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Test Tone by Schemawound

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”@@ERROR” is an EP of Schemawound’s work for the Disquiet Junto as well as unreleased material. Track Notes: 1: "The Bottom Of The Well" is made of pieces from the following tracks:  "Glimpse" by ioflow - - CC-BY-NC-SA  "I Hate Therefore I Am" by Clayton Alpha - -
CC-BY-NC-SA  "Halo of the Moon" by 6&8 - - CC-BY-NC 2: This track is comprised of three pieces of music, all originally released on Endless Ascent: “Materia Lucida,” the title track of a release by Kirill Platonkin and Jarguna, “With a Wimper” off Exuviae’s album The Sum of Zero, and “02″ off Illuminoscillate’s album Solar Wave Phase.  



05. Schemawound - Test Tone 00:04:21

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