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Nightwatchman by Rotten Bliss

Album Description

The Nightwatchman Sings is the debut album from cello noise and folk horror project Rotten Bliss, the solo project of avant-garde cellist, vocalist and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender. The album came out on the Reverb Worship label [LINK:] on 28 September 2017. Most songs were recorded in Jasmine's home
studio in London in Autumn 2016, except for; Time Erase and Song from the Belly of a Gale, which were developed from recordings made during a gale on the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides in December 2013; and After the Storm, which was recorded in Maidstone, South-East England, in Spring 2008.   [REVIEWS]   "A thing of disquieting dark beauty... hints of Nico chill with both a magical and macabre unease" - Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience)   “Jasmine's spectres murmur at your shoulder... Jagged enormous shafts of maltreated cello rasp against the grain of her voice, alternately silky with longing and then jagged as flint" - Jowe Head (ex Swell Maps)   “Dark and dreamy soundscapes, fragile and daring creatures of the night haunting legendary moors and lonely shores" - Anais Prosaic (Documentary maker, "Eliane Radigue - L'ecoute virtuose")   Album Artwork by Emma Nathan [LINK:]    



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