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Rotten Bliss
Rotten Bliss is the London-based cello noise and folk horror project of avant-garde cellist, vocalist and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender. Inspired by Jacqueline du Pre's wild physicality, Jasmine started playing classical cello as a teenager in South East England, but it was LA’s heavy psych scene that inspired her to obtain an electric model and discover the shrieking glory of a cello played through distortion and delay. Wanting to push beyond the limits of guitar pedals, Jasmine immersed herself in coding and circuit boards to create her own effects and instruments, which she controls onstage using a toe-operated iPad controller.
Jasmine’s voice weaves between FX-laden instrumentals and sound collages, interspersing uneasy cinematic pieces with tender lyrical songs and visions. “A thing of disquieting dark beauty... hints of Nico chill with both a magical and macabre unease" (Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience)); “dark and dreamy soundscapes, fragile and daring creatures of the night haunting legendary moors and lonely shores” (Anaïs Prosaic, documentary maker, director of Eliane Radigue - L'ecoute virtuose).

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