Glitch for Variable and Determinate States

Rebekkah Palov

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Released Mar 31, 2015
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Glitch for Variable and Determinate States by Rebekkah Palov is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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Glitch for Variable and Determinate States started out as a Midi recording of Rebekkah Palov’s Yamaha DX21 keyboard. With no audio output from the synth, Palov performed an improvisation according to a clock score she had written. She limited the piece to seven notes because the piece was then transcribed into a video switcher program for a seven channel video piece. During the timed periods, Palov would play the seven notes either in a line along the keyboard or in multiple keys played in masses. The data of this recording was then printed out on 102 pages, which was then entered into an 80’s computer video switcher which ran seven TV’s which were visually switching/playing the seven notes. These 102 pages were then reinterpreted as a text and drawing volume (edition of 18). In penmanship on the printout page of midi data, are three sentences: “I am in love,” “Home is a tangible,” “The sublime is not a faker.” Separating these sentences are pages of drawings, comprising around 30 pages for each sentence. Lastly, the midi data was used to control playback of sample-recordings of tube TV’s turning off and on. While this is the two channel version, it is also intended for seven channels. Palov’s hope is that the piece opens to many interpretations including those concerned with contemporary multimedia mashups of image, text, audio, and video in internet activities and how to navigate these mediums in artistic practice. She also intends to incite new thinking about the rigor of historical protocols that regulate cursive penmanship and Western keyboards, the loneliness of conditional statements, and the pleasure of music.

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