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Today Is The Day by Rawpass

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 ''Infection on hope'' by risa ogawa [ ]
''Infection on hope'' by risa ogawa [ ]
||| New Release ||| EPV_111''hope3.0'' Various Artists / free download If you download this album at bandcamp, immediate download of album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire and get special bonus item... - ''hope3.0'' is the new free compilation of element perspective. Final edition of the series, which lasted three times. This album is made up of 18 artists, who fight on their own effort in the Japanese music scene. We hope that this great work will be sent to people all over the world. Japan is still
full of hope. - [artists]  AMERICAN GREEN / AUCHRE / DUB-Russell / Free Babyronia / Gallery Six / masato abe / mitsuru shimizu / Mujika Easel / N-qia / [.que] / Rawpass / risa ogawa / Senna / SHOMOMOSE / yokotsuka yuuya / yu kadowaki / Yusuke Nishiyama / zmi - [ bonus item (bandcamp only) ] wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, PC, PDF BOOK & video - ■ artwork ''Infection on hope'' by risa ogawa ■ mastered by AUCHRE  ■ design by ono(elementperspective) -  :: related release ::  [hope1.0 - free download]    [hope2.0 - free download] - [ more info ]    



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