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 Psychadelik Pedestrian (3 Albums, 31 Tracks)


Psychadelik Pedestrian
LOCATION:United Kingdom
Psychadelik Pedestrian started producing breakbeat and jungle music in 1994 and first had online success in 2002, when his venture into chillout music, Night Beach, topped the downtempo charts at several early free download websites and was chosen for a mobile phone promotion. During 2003 and 2004, Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks
became more diverse, examples being the drum and bass Outer Self also being simultaneously made into chillout track Inner Self, and the funky Filter Groove, a track which sampled itself. By this stage, Psychadelik Pedestrian was combining half speed breakbeats and sweeping, haunting pad samples with modern instrumental sounds such as delayed piano, strings and electro beats. Between 2003 and 2008, John spent some time remixing and remaking some of his older tracks, such as Eternal Truth and Tranquil War. Another Boring Lunchtime, a track originally written in 1996, was reworked in 2006. These remixes culminated in the self-titled album Psychadelik Pedestrian, featuring fourteen of the most well known Pedestrian tracks, which was released in August 2008. During this time, PP was still releasing new material and, in early 2005, new track Memories was John's first track to feature a full, original vocal produced using a vocoder. Since 2005, John has used a more synthesized, electro sound in new tracks such as Twist Turn Slide. Following the success of Psychadelik Pedestrian's self-titled album, the Transient album was released in November 2011. This album developed the Psychadelik Pedestrian sound with atmospheric, reverb heavy pads, dubstep influences and several tracks with full vocals. Two of these vocal tracks, Upside Down and the Black Moon Mix of Cry Over You were featured as editorial picks on the CCMixter site in summer 2011.