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Blow shit to Nirvana by Plebs & Fuckboys

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No information included. No explanation necessary. You won't remember forever. You can't hold on for long. Your name just a whisper when you go, who knows which one it really was. You can't be called anymore. You're not needed. Sinking, and with you the names you gave and had been. "SeenZone Blues is the third album we've worked on together. This album explores the online world in more detail. If there was an overall theme to it, it would be our take on the absurdities of social media and an album dedicated to the various aspects of it. The term
"SeenZone" itself is in relation to the friendzone, in that in this case, a person will often write a message to a friend or potential love interest, and only get a "seen at 3:05pm"."



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