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Schizo-anal-ysis Series for Electric-Guitar by Pablo Orza

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Classwar Karaoke
Classwar Karaoke
Producer: Classwar Karaoke
Dear contributor to 0019 survey of Classwar Karaoke,   This is to say that the survey is now published and on-line ... 116 participants ... 95 pieces of music ... 31 short-films! As ever, the project grows with each survey - with many old friends coming back time after time and many new friends joining us. The work presented here is nothing short of outstanding - as good as anything out there. Thank you all for taking part! Please explore, please spread the word and please enjoy :)        Your music is here Your films are here Your texts are here Your
images are hereCollaboration has been a hallmark of the project more or less from the beginning, some four years ago. But we are especially struck this time by the numbers of people working together, in different combinations, and by the collaborative projects and concepts being played out within the survey. This is exactly what Classwar Karaoke is all about.    We humbly dedicate this survey to the memory of the late great Lol Coxhill, who died 9th July. Lol was a true progenitor of the experimental scene. He inspired and enthralled many of us, and his legacy is huge. We urge you to explore the work of this pioneer. You will spot Lol in 213TV's film, Nein McCue here, and Lol featured in a trio, with Kay Grant and Olie Brice, on 0018 survey back in May - listen / download here. Please do let us know what you think of 0019 survey via - that way Jaan, Adrian and myself all get your messages. The landmark 0020 survey is due in November - with the deadline 20th November. We hope you can join us. Please do also check out past surveys, by searching Classwar Karaoke in Free Music Archive, Internet Archive and YouTube.  Thank you, lots of love and very best wishes,   Anthony, Adrian and Jaan x x x


Schizo-anal-ysis Series for Electric-Guitar by Pablo Orza is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.