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 Noise Problems Selections (14 Albums, 59 Tracks)


Noise Problems Selections Vol. 1-6
Noise Problems Avantgarde
Noise Problems Selections Vol. 7-13
Noise Problems 50th Release
  • Skeletor
Dont know any of the bands and dont know where to start? So check out the Noise Problems Selections. For the occasion of 50 releases by Noise Problems a compilation was issued to commemorate. Now the `Selections` cd is available in 6 different volumes to download right here at the FMA. All shows were recorded live between 2007 & 2010 in Amsterdam at the OCCII, Winston and Pacific Parc venues except Tzaatzuim recorded in a studio session in 2006 and Tchakare Kanyembe recorded live at the Boom Festival. You might want to have a peek at other Noise Problems releases

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