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Subway passengers by Noise Boletus

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Noise Boletus - 'RePot'
Noise Boletus - 'RePot'
suRRism-Phonoethics is very proud to release Noise Boletus – ‘RePot‘! Jabier Martínez from Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain) throws this wonderful EP at us! Thanks Jabier for being EVER so patient! In good will! “After hours of hours of saxophone tortured sounds this litany was only to start it’s compelling canned “Übermensch” to wear sunglasses. It felt just right to listen closer what these feet were going to walk! “Juliet Curtó” is drawing the line was shadow; a moment of truth. Quenched thirst was the wish, it was written to the walls behind her, there was nothing to do but to
end the story of both had bells ringing! As paper ships only rest while leaps dress up her lap, it spanked the moment the light went off, it felt in Caricia of alma bridges would burst in pieces.Streaks of yellow violet even smoked parts appeared, the time for pace wasn’t anymore to be realized lado.Regards the Poitier couldn’t count the amount, twirled his hair the fork was only plastic, this mess could be spliced laughs. “Ha ha” Fungus.” - André Pissoir



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