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Mothlight OST by Monplaisir

Album Description


Hey there, it's Monplaisir. Samu, a videogame developper, contacted me to make me aware that he used my music for his videogame trailer. So, after trying the demo and really liked it, I contacted back to propose him more of my music and support. He took it and use it as the OST of his game Mothlight, a creepycool total independant RPG. So I've done some SFX for the game that you can find at the end of the OST, you'll have to cut those SFX from the track if you want to use them. Also, for long time fan of my work, there is totally new versions of the song "Feet Gone Wild", just for the game =) Go play it, it's really cool, not too long for a RPG (5/6 hours of game, I would say), and it's pretty awesome.


Mothlight OST
05. Comme Jospin - Pinçon (03:22)
13. Komiku - Battle Theme (02:45)
21. Monplaisir - Ridiculous (04:09)
23. Monplaisir - C (02:56)
25. Komiku - Ultimate Power (02:25)
31. Monplaisir - The Break (02:45)
35. Monplaisir - To Lose (04:05)
38. Alpha Hydrae - Silence (04:18)
42. Komiku - True Last Boss (07:24)
44. Komiku - Outro (01:22)

Mothlight OST by Monplaisir is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.
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