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Flash by Monotonix

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Monotonix @ WFMU Record Fair
Monotonix @ WFMU Record Fair
Engineer: Scott Williams
What were we thinking unleashing two of the world's most hazardous rock groups -- Tel Aviv's Montonix and Tokyo's DMBQ -- on the WFMU Record Fair this past Sunday? Well, we had both group sign declarations -- in blood -- assuring us that they would not set any fires. But they still nearly managed to bring the Record Fair to a grinding halt with their predictably unpredictable antics. Monotonix kicked off the whole mess with vocalist Ami Shale immediately dumping a full trashcan on the drummer's head. After scaling the walls of the Metropolitan Pavilion, Ami disappeared into the crowd.
Soon he resurfaced on the other side of the room, ready to jump...As the security staff strapped on their riot gear, Andy came to the rescue. He fought through the crowd and told Ami, "This is not good behavior, brother. You cannot be up there, you're going to get this whole thing shut down". This was a language that Ami understood, he did not want to be "banded" in America like he apparently has been in Israel and Canada. So he stepped down with grace even as the crowd continued to yell "jump!".Most of the microphones we set up to record the performance were rendered useless within minutes, but Scott W brought a long mic cable to follow the chaos, helping to capture the following audio.-Jason Sigal (<a href=>WFMU's Beware of the Blog</a>)



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