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nxVacuity001-2012-11-12_22_11_41 by Miquel Parera Jaques

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nxVacuity001 for Computer and Pipe Organ.Miquel Parera Jaques.November, 2012.Tracklist:nxVacuity001-1: nxVacuity001-2012-11-12_22_11_41nxVacuity001-2: nxVacuity001-2012-11-12_22_18_45nxVacuity001-3: nxVacuity001-2012-11-12_22_29_42nxVacuity001-4: nxVacuity001-2012-11-12_22_46_25[eng] Vacuity.Sometimes, on the 12th of the month I go to church. It is a small hermitage on a mountain who dances with the wind howling at sunset and dance with birdsong at dawn. It was built 800 years ago the men to meet his God, to speak and listen, for hope ...I can not be like them.I've tried, I've searched, far as I can, the corners of my psyche. I did it with reason and unreason; I've asked myself and I asked the world, trees, people ...But
I can not be like them.I envy them, they still have a loving father even after his death.I can not be like them and, despite everything, I've seen ...It is a mystery that I can not comprehend, as a stimulus below the threshold of perception, like a ultrasonic melody of peace. It's a secret, do not know what is. But I know that the road leading to it is called transcendence and living in the palace of emptiness. I know it only when you stop being myself, when I die really, I can see it.Perhaps, in the final analysis, we all see the same thing but interpret it in different ways. So, some on 12th, I go to church and talk to her in the language without words until one day I respond with the music without sound.- Technical Information.The system is programmed to control a church organ,via MIDI, with a computer. The computer control is alivecoding improvisation with the SuperCollider programming language. Emphasis on semi-deterministic and algorithmic processes is achieved that once saved improvisation code as a function, can be automatically performed by the computer and the results are significantly different.For this'' release'', in the absence of a church organ, I used the excellent software Aeolus of Fons Adriaensen.- License: CC-BY-NC-SA More Info:SuperCollider:



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