Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles

Michael Chapman - Yorkshire, England. A true modern bard, Mr. Chapman (Michael, to you) has been singing and strumming tales…

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NATCH 7 2012 - Album
Music is a time machine. If a favorite song from your formative years comes on the car radio, you are…


2012 - Album


Vitor Nassiffe Sep 13, 2016

Hi guys how can I contact you ?

MisterMcAtCCA Nov 21, 2014

This might be the very best stuff on FMA. I sure hope there will be more.

sundy123 May 30, 2013

Hi guys, I was hoping to use your music in a documentary of mine. I know the license agreement is there but just wanted to ask you guys in advance anyway. Message back! Tom S.

Jazmain May 14, 2013

Hi! I made a video project for school and used your music (A Stranger's Map of Texas). You are mentioned in the credits, with a link to this page. Thank you!