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Released Aug 13, 2012
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Music is a time machine. If a favorite song from your formative years comes on the car radio, you are emotionally transported back to who you were then, even if just for a moment. Fall in love with an lp from forty years ago that you’ve never heard before and it might as well have been released yesterday. Sit down in your easy chair and put on one of your favorite sides and twenty minutes can go by in a matter of seconds. There are powerful moments during a live performance when an entire room aligns itself with infinite other moments in different rooms, at different times, but the same, all the same. Like looking at yourself in a photo inside a book looking out at yourself holding the book inside the photo…  The five fellas who got together for this session folded up the walls, sealed the doors and set the controls for multiverse… Thankfully the record button still works in the wormhole.
Mastered by Patrick Klem, August 2012

Tutter Feb 12, 2019

This little albums packs a punch

Steve D Aug 15, 2013

Great little album.

No way. this album is incredible! I wish Chapman put out more stuff like this. Or maybe I just need to explore his back catalog some more

This is an incredible album! I love it. The music is so easy, so light, so upbeat it makes my children dance! Great work!

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