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Pipe Dreamz by Matt Oakley

Album Description

Producer: Matt Oakley
Engineer: Matt Oakley
TV Themes from an imaginary 80s   I use a Roland Juno G synth and record all parts live using the built-in sequencer. There is then a little bit of quantizing. I add effects and master using my Zoom R16 digital 16-Track and transport to my Mac.    


06. Matt Oakley - Pipe Dreamz 00:01:37

Track Info

Henry Pickles is a down-on-his-luck plumber struggling to make ends meet until one day he slips and hits his head on a toilet. From that moment forth he starts having very special dreams - dreams about the future! This does him little good while he's plumbing, but his wife's a cop so he uses his powers to help her, or something.
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