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xsl composite 03 by Matt Burnett

Album Description

image by Marc von der Hocht
image by Marc von der Hocht•-The-album.jpg
stereo composites for the XSL Album collaborative project curated by Thalamus Lab in Berlin. all tracks created from sound files in the XSL Sound Library. here is a good place to start:


Track Info

this one is a collection of five short "micro compositions".


XSL006: Clicks & Keys_Clavicordio - High string hit 3
Clicks & Keys_Clavicordio - Higher note
Clicks & Keys_Clavicordio - Low string hit
Clicks & Keys_Clavicordio - Hight string hit 4
Clicks & Keys_Clavicordio - Short disturbing melody
XSL007: Toko Okuda_Arpasauro atmos e
Toko Okuda_Arpasauro atmos f
Toko Okuda_Arpasauro drums h5
XSL018: Redkel_Experimental Impro
Redkel_Scary harmonic
XSL020: Delusions_Reverse fx
XSL022: Array Acces_Concentration
XSL023: Davic Nod_Uncertainty
Davic Nod_Resonance
XSL027: AfroDJMac_Bottle Cap Opening
AfroDJMac_Broken Bucket
AfroDJMac_Electric Switch
AfroDJMac_Closing a Case
AfroDJMac_TV Smack
XSL029: Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 10
Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 11
Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 28
Alpha Cephei Vinyl Crackle 17
XSL030: Thalamus Lab_Tension
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