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Toy synth v2.0 by Marko and Myky

Album Description

Producer: Marko-V
Engineer: Marko-V
Marko-V: sound processingPinja: sound materialFirst track Sandman features distorted sounds of Pinja´s whining which sounds a lot like overdriven guitar. There´s also metallic rhythm of her banging on a can.Title track Mekonium baby is longest track. It is slowly evolving stuff divided in two separate parts. This track includes only whining and breathing sounds even though the rhythm of the second part sounds like warped drum machine.Toy synth v1.0 and v2.0 include sounds of Pinja vocalising and playing children´s toy keyboard (which has by now gone to graveyard of old electronic gadgets, R.I.P.). Actually she managed to get the keyboard
malfunctioning and producing strange sounds which are presented here.Voi itku was presents slowed down voices of Pinja.Retarded lullaby ends this mini album and features also sounds of Pinja before she was even born. The clicking sounds of the latter part of this song are originally produced by machine which monitors child´s heart rate just before birth begins (oh yes, Marko-V had recorder in maternity hospital).



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Toy synth v2.0 by Marko and Myky is licensed under a Attribution 1.0 Finland License.