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From One To Nine

Album Description
I don’t have any conecption while making my music. I just simply make the music that I enjoy, and that wasn’t made by anybody else before. In my tracks I can’t see any images, but only I can feel some kind of emotions, for example nostalgy, sadness, fear, hope etc.
Because of reasons above I didn’t named my tracks, but just numbered them, so every listener of my music can make his own opinion about every single track (not suppose to feel something because of some title of track). The order of tracks is important, and it seems to me it should be heard in order from 1 to 9. I numbered the tracks after I made them. While making music I didn’t use any paper . I’m making my music on electronic instruments, connected with computers, and by computer software I’m storing all I’ve made, and then I’m making sometimes some corrections.   music: Marcel Pequel cover-artwork: Marian Reinig



From One To Nine
01. Marcel Pequel - One 00:01:32
02. Marcel Pequel - Two 00:02:44
03. Marcel Pequel - Three 00:01:49
04. Marcel Pequel - Four 00:03:36
05. Marcel Pequel - Five 00:02:27
06. Marcel Pequel - Six 00:01:32
07. Marcel Pequel - Seven 00:01:45
08. Marcel Pequel - Eight 00:01:23
09. Marcel Pequel - Nine 00:00:48
UPLOADED: 04/26/2012
LISTENS: 80013

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